Watch: ‘University is more than just a school’; President Vella shown around labs

“Many think that the University’s role is just as a school which turns one into a doctor, lawyer and accountant,” University Rector Professor Alfred Vella told when asked whether he finds that the general public is not really aware of the research conducted by the University of Malta.

“The Maltese need to understand that we have talent, just as much as in other nations,” Professor Vella said. He highlighted that students and researchers need the means and resources to carry out the research.

President George Vella was shown around the different labs at the Biomedical Department where he met various researchers including Associate Professor Mario Valentino and Dr Chris Zammit who both explained in detail their research. He then visited the Engineering Faculty.

Asked about what struck him most during this visit, President Vella told that he was not fully aware about the level of research being carried out at the University. The President who is a doctor by profession actively participated in the discussion about the research into strokes.

“During the visit, I’ve seen the research which is being carried out at University can be applied to have a positive impact on the individual’s life,” President Vella remarked.

Video: Miguela Xuereb