Watch: Two women leading PL and PN in the foreseeable future – Żammit

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Many are those of the opinion that the future might see two women at the helm of the two largest parties in Malta. Lawrence Żammit MISCO director is one of  them.

In the European Parliament election of last Saturday, Partit Laburista candidate Miriam Dalli received 63,438 votes from the electorate, proclaiming her the candidate with the most votes in this election, whilst Partit Nazzjonalista Roberta Metsola got the second overall largest amount of votes at 38,206. They were also the only two candidates that got elected with the first count.

Żammit was being interviewed by Fr Joe Borg and Sylvana Debono during a live link with RTK103FM during the electoral period. Fr Joe Borg had asked Żammit whether this result might indicate there the not so far future might see two women leading the two largest parties on the islands.

Lawrence Żammit said that he believed that it’s a very possible scenario and that he will be welcoming it. He also added that this might be the reality in the medium term.