Watch: Turtle saved from being entangled in plastic waste

Posted by Mark Camilleri on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Mark Camilleri has shared a video of him and his friends setting a turtle free after it was trapped in plastic waste out at sea.

In the video, they spot the turtle entangled in what seems to be a plastic jug of some sort tied with string. They get close to the turtle and cut the string off, and it sets off for freedom, seemingly none the worse for wear.

As the turtle leaves, one of the people on the boat jokingly shouts, “Say thank you!”

In the meantime, also in a Facebook post, environment activist Cami Appelgren reminded the general public that, while cutting a turtle loose may seem like the best option, it “would be equal to letting a found and injured child walk home alone.”

Appelgren says that the best thing would be to hold on to it and call Nature Trust – FEE Malta (tel. no: 99999505).

“They will come for it and make sure it gets a checkup done by a veterinarian and then released when healed. On top of it they can take measurements and learn more about the turtles in Maltese water. If badly entangled, don’t even try to untangle it. It will be done by the vet,” she said.