Watch: ‘True love is when its given despite hurt’ – Bishop Grech

Betty Bugeja.

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech stressed that whoever loves truly, will love a person even though they hurt them. During his homily as part of the solemn commemoration of the Lord’s Supper held at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Victoria.

Mgr Grech explained that Jesus’ love for his apostles was infinite despite knowing beforehand that Judas would go on and betray him and Peter would go on to deny him three times, Jesus still sat down and had his Last Supper with his disciples. The bishop reiterated that Jesus loves with wounded love.

‘The apostles didn’t accept him’

The Bishop explained that even at the Last Supper, his disciples had still not accepted him. This ritual meal would be a ‘sacrifice’ meal embracing the pivotal events of the Last Supper, the death on the Calvary and the raising of Christ from death after three days.

Mgr Grech explained the significance behind the washing of the feet, an act of genuine service, explaining that Jesus meant that God’s friends were not those who were ‘pure in spirit’ but those who were impure. He explained that through this wordless gesture, Jesus helped them understand that God does not love a person because they love Him, but He loves a person whether the person loves God or not.

Video: Diocese of Gozo, Radju Katidral Online Tv, April 2019