Watch: Tradition and modernity; new bus concept to be unveiled

A new concept design for a new fleet of environmentally friendly Maltese buses will be unveiled to the public in the coming weeks.

The ‘Malta Bus Reborn’ design produced by Architect John Mizzi and the Mizzi Studio, draws on the concept of having an electric bus fleet bus using the iconic designs and characteristics of Malta’s buses.

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The project has been given support from the Transport Ministry over its focus on the environment and sustainability while merging with Maltese culture.

‘Our design for a new electric Malta Bus celebrates the iconic legacy of its predecessors whilst adapting to the present through a re-design that is wholly contemporary and remarkably energy efficient. We are thrilled that the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects is backing this project. With their support, we believe our new bus can redefine a segment of Maltese heritage that has remained truly valued by its public,’ the concept’s creator explains.

Commenting on the concept, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg said, ‘In the last few years we’ve made several investments in this means of transport, to have a larger fleet that can support the increase in use, to continue incentivising people to use it, as well as for a continuously cleaner and more sustainable fleet. We, therefore, cannot but fully support a concept that prioritises the environment and sustainability, while looking back to our departure point from our childhood.’

A trailer for the new bus concept has been put on the Ministry’s social media platform, ‘Move’.

The exhibition unveiling the new bus concept is set for next Friday 11th October.