Watch: “Thousands believe the disabled should be killed at birth” – Cassola

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Arnold Cassola, independent candidate for the European Parliamentary Elections, said that this result will boost the arrogance of certain members which form part of the Labour Party, such as Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi. He added that this result also reflects the fact that there is no Opposition in Malta. In a press release, he also detailed that thousands of Maltese are happy to believe that the disabled are to be killed in a soft way at birth, and men with low IQ should be sterilized.

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Professor Cassola told that the fact that Malta has no Opposition is very worrying, particularly as such a result gives the Labour Party the opportunity to do as it likes.

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About the results concerning his own candidacy, he maintained that it is also worrying that Imperium Europa, Moviment Patrijotti Maltin and independent candidates, together, only made up 7% of votes. Around some 1% voted for Cassola.

Smaller party and independents support, up by less than 1% – initial results

In a press release, he also detailed that Norman Lowell (Imperium Europa) gained some 12,000 votes, with some saying that he will get 18,000. Cassola added that “thousands of Maltese people are happy to believe that disabled babies should be killed in a soft way within 1 hour of birth and men with a low IQ should be sterilized”.

He also stressed the importance of voting, as he pointed out the irresponsibility of the 28% who did not vote. He concluded his press release by stating that to get near 3000 votes would be a respectable amount for an independent candidate, and if he is to get near this amount, he will continue to represent this minority.