Watch: “This isn’t a goodbye, I’ll be back” – Nas Daily

Nas Daily in a vlog said that while this was a goodbye video and that he was at the end of his journey, he will be back however he did not provide any further details.

Travel video blogger Nuseir Yassin, known as Nas Daily, is ending his journey around the world in Malta, with a closing event planned for Saturday at the Malta Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

Nas admitted in an emotional video, that he was overwhelmed that his journey had come to an end for now, and that the closing will be in Malta. He explained that he did not yet understand how he managed to do what he did admitting that he was not a person to keep doing something over a long time.

Nas compared his journey to a childhood dream that found the support and encouragement from his followers that helped him remain real. According to him, after 1000 this boy has now turned into a man whose wish had become true.

On New Year’s Eve, Nas Daily along with his partner and fellow blogger Dear Alyne had missed their flight from Barcelona to Malta after an airport tussle.

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