Watch: ‘This is your life’ deals with flawed human nature

The lyrics to Juno Valdez’s newest single include the words ‘Can you see the humour in human?’

‘This is your life’ is singer Marilyn’s second release under the alias Juno Valdez following her premiere ‘Muse’ from late last summer.

This time in collaboration with David Cassar Torreggiani (Scar) and Toby, ‘This is your life’ arrives in sync with the warmer weather, beckoning summer, pools, and party vibes with this brand new slow-dance tune.

While the music is fun-loving in a production that aims to be uplifting throughout, the lyrics explore the cyclic struggle of fighting one’s inner demons, meeting the raw and flawed nature that is human and common to one and all.

The video, by Loud Neighbour Productions, was filmed under COVID-19 restrictions and features the artistes in their own home or work environments.

Before Juno Valdez, Marilyn fronted pop-rock outfit Cruz in her student days, with which she performed all over Malta and Gozo and won several music awards.

Marilyn is currently in studio working on her next productions.