Watch: This Christmas we need to show love to our elderly – Bishop Galea Curmi

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi said, this Christmas we must show our love for the elderly by not visiting them, but we can still find other ways to cheer them up and help them not feel alone.

He said this on 103 Morning show on 103 Malta Heart.

Asked by 103 Morning Show presenter Arthur Caruana what advice he gives people on how to celebrate Christmas in a pandemic this year, the Auxiliary Bishop said it is good to know the different ways we can celebrate it. Explain how this year we can experience the true significance of Christmas, as we recognize what is essential in these times and what is secondary.

Admittedly, Christmas is usually a wonderful time to gather with relatives and even the elderly – he himself loves to visit the elderly who are alone during the holidays – but this year should be the opposite. . He stated that his heart is pounding when an elder sends him to visit them. Mons. Galea Curmi emphasized that our love for the elderly this year is shown by following the measures and not visiting them, for their own good. However, we can still find other ways to bring them the joy and peace of Jesus, said the Bishop, for example by simply making a phone call.

He said that even the Curia had to adapt in these circumstances as the annual luncheon for those who are alone will not be held. Instead, they will still be in telephone contact with these people and where necessary.

The Auxiliary Bishop appealed that this Christmas, we especially remember those people who this year were killed by someone close to them with the coronavirus, as they could not greet them as they wished. At such an important time we remember who suffered a defeat, the Bishop reiterated.

Asked about his personal plans for Christmas, the bishop said he usually meets with family but this year they can’t. He cannot go to his uncles either because they are in old people’s homes and he cannot visit them. However, he still wants to bring them the love and peace of Christ, and stressed that they are still united despite the circumstances.

He made more than one appeal on the need for everyone to abide by the regulations of the Ministry of Health, because if we relax a little now, then they will suffer in January and in the following months.

Finally, Bishop Galea Curmi said that this time of Advent should be used to recognize before God what crooked paths we need to straighten out in our lives, because then, when Christmas comes, our hearts do not want to be as full up as it was the hotels that Mary and Joseph began to knock on, so that our hearts would be ready to welcome Jesus and the others.