Watch: ‘Theft, substance abuse and fights – Maltese youth’s most common crimes’ – Miceli

The most common crimes committed by Maltese youths are theft, substance abuse and getting involved in fights, the Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli said.

Miceli was interviewed by Sylvana Debono for RTK 103FM, where they spoke about the dangers of crimes being committed by youths. This issue was raised after a series of knife crimes committed in different regions in England by teenagers.

Miceli said that reports have shown that children of school age have already seen or experienced the use of drugs.

‘Teachers often discuss the need for more security in schools’ 

The Commissioner for Children spoke as well about teachers discussing the need for more security in schools.

Miceli said that she believes that peer pressure was a factor in the lack of respect being admitted towards teachers and educational staff. The same applies to foreign students, where some instances proved to show that some foreigners retaliate for being treated differently.

The interview closed off with Miceli saying that there are methods on how to create a safer and more secure space in schools, emphasizing that the Malta Union for Teachers (MUT) and the government are working on solutions for this problem. Miceli also noted that the behaviour of adults towards students is highly effective and it should be the main tool on creating a more comfortable space for children to learn and study.