Watch: “The worst thing about lockdown is dealing with groceries” – Marija Schranz #letschat

In this time of social distancing and uncertainty about the future, how are people coping? How are they spending their time at home?

‘Let’s Chat’ sees Coryse Borg having a light-hearted video chat with number of personalities in their own homes.

In the third episode she has a chat with Marija Schranz who has been at home with her husband and seven-year-old child since the second week of March 2020.

“I have four factors which, according to WHO standards, which are the standards I follow, are considered to put somebody into a vulnerable group. Having four, I think it’s even more so. So on the 12th of March, my husband and I decided that, for the health of the family, we wouldn’t be going out any more,” she explains.

During her lockdown, Marija has been taking care of her young son (when he is not being entertained by their cats Percy and Cosmo), as well as having started new online cooking programme on social media called Marija’s Kitchen.

“There are definitely challenges to it, more than anything because you’re in a small space together with two other people, 24 hours a day,” she says, “We’ve coped very well, to be very frank… the biggest challenge, at least from a mental point of view for me I think has been dealing with groceries.”

Intro by Sarah Salafia

Editing by Coryse Borg

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