Watch: The world thirsts for peace, for joy – Archbishop Scicluna

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“The world thirsts for peace, it also thirsts for joy,” Archbishop Charles Scicluna said in his Christmas message this year.

In the opening of his message, Archbishop Scicluna described the Christmas theme as ‘a very powerful one’ and explained that the experience of prayer of the Church is the theme of light shining in the darkness.

During Christmas time, Mgr Scicluna recalls a prayer by St George Preca: ‘Lord God, I need you’. He said that it would be a wonderful thing if people reflected on this simple yet profound prayer by the Maltese saint. He urged the public to look upon the face of baby Jesus and tell the Lord that ‘we need him to teach us how to love each other, to choose what is good and to help us forgive each other’.

Archbishop Scicluna referred to the Apostolic Letter, Admirabile signum, on the meaning and value of the nativity scene and was signed in Greccio on 1 December. He said that the Holy Father wanted to remind the Church about the importance of displaying the Nativity crib in our homes and also public spaces. He explained that Pope Francis writes about the figures represented in the crib.

“He also mentions the stars, the stream, the trees, the grotto of the Nativity, the cow and the donkey, the sheep and other animals that we display in our cribs. The Pope says that all creation worships the mystery of the birth of Christ, of the Son of God made man,” Archbishop Scicluna said in his Christmas message. Copies in Maltese of the Apostolic Letter were given to the public who exchanged greetings with the Bishops on Sunday. It can also be found online.

“I notice with great joy that we still treasure Nativity cribs in our homes,” Archbishop Scicluna said, ‘it was St George Preca himself who wished that a Nativity crib, however small, is found in every home.’ Speaking about St George Preca, Archbishop Scicluna said that St George Preca had taught his M.U.S.E.U.M. catechists that every child attending catechism should be given a little crib or a Baby Jesus to take home. “With this gesture, St George Preca wanted to impart the simple yet profound meaning of Christmas,” he said.

“If there is anyone listening to me right now, who is burdened by the circumstances of life, I invite you to approach the manger of the Lord and pray to him this profound and earnest prayer: ‘Lord Jesus: I need you’. If someone out there is happy and with good reason, may you share your happiness with your neighbour,” Archbishop Scicluna said.

“This Christmas we remember that unto us the Prince of Peace was born and the peace in our heart is the greatest gift and the greatest blessing that I wish to each and every one of us. Heartfelt Christmas blessings!”