Watch: “The richness of our architectural heritage is our inspiration”

The Three Palaces Festival, in the words of its artistic director Michelle Castelletti, “will, this year explore and indulge in a virtual world, finding and creating its own unique, decadent palaces… be they the palaces inside our minds or the grandeur of a cathedral, the world citadel for jazz, or the surreal world of goddesses.”

The festival, organised by Festivals Malta between the 6th and 15th November, has grown into a prestigious international event that continues to develop its reputation doing credit to Malta’s cultural calendar. Its principal aim is to uphold and integrate the excellence of music matched only by uniqueness of its setting – Malta is rich in tradition, heritage and culture and this is reflected partly through four centuries of rule by the Knights of St John.

During this episode of Take a Bow, Coryse Borg speaks to Castelletti about this interdisciplinary festival of the arts, curated with architecture, history and heritage at its core… and how moving online this year may actually attract a different kind of audience.

This episode of Take a Bow was made possible thanks to Festivals Malta