Watch: The relationship between Malta & UK will grow stronger – British High Commissioner

The trade deal between the EU and the UK will be the basis on which the relationship between Malta and the UK will be built. The British High Commissioner Cathy Ward said this in an interview with where she discussed the future of the relationship between Malta and the UK and also the role of the UK in the new global order defined with the various geopolitical changes taking place and the pandemic.

The relationship between the UK and the EU was defined in an agreement announced on Christmas Eve after months of negotiations, as soon as the transition period after Brexit comes to an end this year.

Ms Ward said that Great Britain will be acting as a global responsible partner as it showed in the recent issue which stemmed from the new Covid-19 strain identified in the UK, referring to other global networks which also involve Malta, like the Commonwealth, which will retain their importance in the UK’s role in the world.

In her interview, Ms Ward also spoke about the trade between Malta and the UK, which in essence would not be affected, except for the bureaucratic changes due to the fact that the UK left the Customs Union and the Single Market.

The British High Commission also invited the British residents in Malta to register with Identity Malta for the residency permit so that they continue to enjoy their rights in Malta. Although residents were encouraged to do so by end of the year, the registration for the residence card can happen till June 30th 2021.