Watch: “The pace of gender equality needs to speed up in Malta” – Eleonora Fae, dancer

Eleonora Fae is Maltese-born but left these shores to pursue her career as a dancer. She is currently based in New York.

Eleonora, who began dancing when she was just two years old, is currently working on ‘project:dejk’ a derivative of dik or the Maltese word for ‘that’ when used with feminine objects… and sometimes also used as derogatory term for women.

Together with friend and Italian composer, Marco Caricola, the project combines dance, narrative, music and audio, film and fashion into a multidisciplinary production dedicated to female empowerment. A three-part study on the multiple facets of loss, explored under the lens of a Southern Mediterranean culture, it features an all-male identifying cast and combining ancient Maltese themes with contemporary dance.

People in Malta are very judgmental about other people’s choices

Eleonora is a staunch defender of women’s rights and an advocate for gender equality. She says that one of the reasons she felt she needed to leave the island was that she felt that a lot of Maltese women are treated in a certain way on a daily basis by what she sees as a very patriarchal society.

“There have been a lot of instances in my life where I felt that I should not have been treated in a certain way. Assumptions that women can’t do certain things for example,” she says,” I also feel that there are a lot of unnecessary comments. People in Malta are very judgmental about other people’s choices. I do feel that it’s getting better, but I think that the pace should speed up a bit… I think there is a lot of more work to be done”

More information may be found on Eleonora’s Instagram page.

Due to Covid-19 disruptions, the premiere of ‘project:dejk’ has been postponed from June 2020 to March 2021, where it will kick-off in Malta before continuing on to Bari, Italy and finally New York City in June 2021.

Photos used in the video: Michal Minster-Tal, Clarissa Lapolla and Jay Patel

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