Watch: “The important thing is that Daphne will never come back” – Tony Zarb

Tony Zarb, the former General Workers’ Union Secretary General, former part-time consultant to the Office of the Prime Minister and current consultant to Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, has took to Facebook to post vlogs of himself speaking. In one of the vlogs making rounds on the social media is the one where he says that the most important thing is that the assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia would never return.

Zarb endorsed a friend’s statement as he admits in the 6-minute video, he repeated word for word his friend’s statement aimed at civil society activists, that they can go as much as they want and put candles and flowers and worship Caruana Galizia. He then said however the most important thing is that the assassinated journalist will not be coming back. He ended the statement saying “good one, my friends”. Before closing off his vlog, he asked his followers to continue defending Malta. Zarb referred to the LIBE delegation who was in Malta until Thursday to investigate the rule of law, saying that the delegation was led by the same traitors and these traitors should be ashamed for bringing in “these kind of people into our country”. Zarb said that “Malta belongs to us” and no one will interfere with the country.

The previous year, Zarb had likened the all-female activist group Occupy Justice to prostitutes while they were protesting in Castille Square a few weeks following Caruana Galizia’s assassination.