Watch: ‘The foundation of justice is truth’ – Archbishop Scicluna

‘The foundation of justice is truth’, Archbishop Charles Scicluna reminded all those present at the inauguration of the Judicial Year of the Ecclesiastical Tribunals of the Maltese Province. Addressing those present, Mgr Scicluna spoke of justice not only as being a cardinal virtue but as the hallmark of civilisation, saying that those societies which lacked justice were less civilised.

In a comment to, the Archbishop thanked all the judges and staff at the three tribunals  for their work. Appealing to everyone in search of the truth, the Archbishop said that he empathised with all those couples passing through a difficult time. He explained that such couples who would request the Church’s assistance to decide on their marriage, should do so in search for truth. Further he explained, that when one is seeking truth, one is also searching to lay their conscience at peace. The Archbishop concluded by appealing to those who are requested to testify to collaborate.

Nicole Borg

‘The Judicial Vicars are well-grounded’ – Mgr Maurice Monier

The Pro-Dean of the Apostolic Tribunal of the Roman Rota Mgr Maurice Monier, the keynote speaker at the inauguration, told Mgr Monier that he was moved by the conversations he had with the judicial vicars Mgr Joseph Bajada and Fr Brendan Gatt. He said that he was particularly touched by their “humanity” and described them as “well-grounded”. He said that Fr Gatt brought with him fresh ideas.

Mgr Monier explained that after Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus was promulgated, the Roman Rota has been called upon to assist tribunals across the world in its application.

He recalled a visit to Haiti with the Episcopal Conference where bishops were in attendance. He said that the bishops in attendance expressed strong interest in understanding how the tribunals work, explaining that most of them were not canonists thus they are not familiar with the way they function.

‘Making the Church Tribunals more accessible’ – Chancellor Crespo

Alessandra Dee Crespo who serves as Chancellor at the Regional Tribunal of Second Instance, the Church Court of Appeals, explained that she organised this event in line with Pope Francis’ invitation to be more open accessible to a great number of Christians who seek their services.

Such events, said the Chancellor, also help to dispel some people’s idea on the tribunals, who might nurture the prejudice that the tribunals are forbidding and inaccessible Church structures. Crespo stressed that such events help to make the tribunals more accountable to the Church and society at large by providing an overview of the work accomplished in the previous year while also providing projections for the year ahead.

Video by Nicole Borg.