Watch: The end of the age of innocence

Laurence Grech, who was Editor of the Sunday Times at the time, recalls how initially he and the journalists were congregated round a television screen tuned to CNN, wondering whether it was all a mistake. As the tragedy unfolded, and they saw the second attack on the World Trade Centre, they slowly came to the realisation that it was not an accident at all but a terrorist attack.

“It was all very scary and we were all asking each other various questions.  Obviously none of us had the answer. This was a tremendous event; an epoch-making event,” he told

Sylvana Debono was News Editor of RTK. When she watched the events unfold on a television in the newsroom, she says she initially was not quite sure what she was really seeing… until she saw the second aeroplane crash into the South Tower.

“That still turns me cold today. And if you were to tell me what I would remember most out of the day… is the people falling out of the windows,” she said.