Watch: The Church is providing continuous support to people who are self-isolating

Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi discussed with Fr Joe Borg the social work that the Church and organisations are doing to help people affected negatively by the pandemic. During the programme Newsbook Hour on Saturday, Bishop Galea-Curmi mentioned Caritas Malta which has launched the initiative to deliver 200 meals per day but this number has increased to 500.

The initiative was launched on the 2nd of April.

Bishop Galea Curmi explained how Caritas Malta is working in collaboration with Malta Trust Foundation to assist those who are going through difficult times but manage to prepare their own food and they are being provided with a hamper consisting of food items.

He said that many people are volunteering to make this initiative a success including the youth and foreign nationals who reside in Malta.

He also mentioned other organisations which are assisting in other ways such as the St Jeanne Antide Foundation.

Bishop Galea Curmi said that the assistance provided by Church institutions to those in need especially during this period does not only consist of material assistance. Galea Curmi said that due to the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic is posing on our society, Church institutions are providing any kind of assistance including to migrants.

Bishop Galea Curmi mentioned an initiative that has been launched to keep the elderly safe in Church-run care institutions for the elderly. He explained that the Church has provided an alternative residence for around 200 employees working in these care institutions as a measure to keep the residents and the employees themselves safe from contracting or transmitting coronavirus.

He then mentioned the Jesuit Refugee Service, the Peace Lab and Malta’s emigrants Commission, which are institutions providing any form of aid to the migrants especially during these times of hardship.

Asked if the pandemic we are experiencing is a form of punishment from God, Bishop Galea Curmi said that God does not punish us. He then mentioned how from these challenging times the good of humankind is emerging like never before and that is definitely not a punishment from God.

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