Watch: The blind cat who thinks she’s a dog

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

On his Mid-Morning Mag show broadcast on 103 Malta’s Heart, Colin Fitz had a really special guest – Coco the cat.

After seeing a Facebook post of her owner, Sasha Kinser, walking the cat on an harness outdoors in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq – and being a cat lover – the radio presenter thought he’d ask her about her unusual cat on air.

Kinser explains that Coco, who is blind, really enjoys these outdoor excursions.

“She had her eyes removed when she was a week old because she was very sick,” explains Kinser, “so I try to let her get out to hear things and smell things and lead a somewhat normal life.”

Ironically, she says, her other cats Kenzo and Prada (they all have names related to fashion brands as Kinser used to be a fashion blogger) who both have two eyes, hate going for walks.

“I tried but they’re terrified,” she laughs, “They get me to hold them and they bury their face in my neck. On the other hand, Coco loves it. It’s a bit awkward putting the harness on, but once it’s on and we go outside, she leads the way. I get really weird looks, actually people find it very strange!”

Kinser, who is American with a Maltese mother, says that living with a blind cat is “really normal”, because she has all of her other senses and the vet has said that they are even heightened: “She chases the other cats round the apartment, she jumps on the kitchen table… she does all the normal things a cat would do.”

You could say that Coco is living her best life. But things could have been very different, as she came close to being put down when she as born.

“She was found on a farm and someone brought her in to a clinic and said, ‘If she can see, I’ll keep her but if not, I don’t want her,” says Kinser.

Her friend, who was working at the clinic, gave Kinser a call… and the rest is history.

We wish Coco a long and happy rest of her nine lives!