Watch: “The best kind of leadership is when people don’t realise what’s happening until it’s done”

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told Japanese media that the best kind of leadership is when people do not realise what is happening until it is done.

Muscat was interviewed by Japanese news website, during his visit to Japan where he attended the symposium organised by Nippon Foundation, last July. Prior to that, Muscat had only last been interviewed at length by Maltese independent media in 2016.

Speaking about Japan’s efforts on a global scale, Muscat referred to the work made by the Nippon Foundation whereby a good number of lawyers from developing nations are being given an opportunity to study in maritime organisations including Malta. He remarked that Japan’s commitment on such an issue may go unnoticed however it is making a difference in administration.

Muscat remarked that he saw this as leadership, the kind of leadership which does not require one to be seen as doing something. He then affirmed that for him the best kind of leadership is when people do not realise what is happening until the person who is in charge has accomplished his goals.

Muscat had said that the Maltese wanted a change in the style of politics, in an interview he had given in 2014 where he was replying to questions on the 2013 general election in which he was elected into power. Back then he had said that the people had voted for a government which promised transparency.

Dalli says that “the people didn’t realise” what the PL wanted

Equality Minister Helena Dalli had said that the Maltese electorate did not realise what Partit Laburista had in mind when the party was putting forward its electoral program in which ‘the only word used was equality’.

Unaware Dalli was caught on camera smiling when she had said that the Government had successfully included civil unions despite polls showing that the majority of the population was against it. This had happened during an event organised in Malta by the United Nations for the Status of Women.