Watch: “The Auditor’s report doesn’t mention 17 Black” – Ian Borg

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg said that the auditor’s report did not mention 17 Black.

Borg was replying to questions by saying that he could not reply about things he had not yet seen referring to 17 Black’s ownership certificate. Borg said that administrative shortcomings did not translate into corruption at which point the journalist interjected saying “evidence like 17 Black”, the Minister further continued making his point on administrative shortcomings saying that it did not mean one should throw people into jail or fabricate stories and spread them around the four corners of the world ruining Malta’s reputation.

When asked if 17 Black was a fabricated story for him, Borg replied that until today he had not yet seen a certificate of ownership. He then went on saying that he would imagine the news agencies that broke the news, Reuters and Times of Malta would be in possession of such evidence. Borg stated that it would have been very “irresponsible” of the news outlets if this was otherwise when reporting such matters.

He then continued arguing that the Auditor General’s report did not speak about 17 Black and that other entities, referring to the court, were carrying out their investigations. He then said that everyone can wait until such investigations were concluded.

According to Borg, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat would be consistent and once there were conclusive inquiries he would take his decisions irrespective of the inquiries outcome. When the journalist interjected that in Muscat’s case, Muscat had called on an inquiry and tied his political future to the outcome of that inquiry, Borg avoided the question completely and instead went on saying that they were still waiting for an apology to the Muscat family. He explained that they were expecting such an apology from the Opposition, a section of the media and from those who “owned and spread the lie” by the Russian whistleblower Maria Efimova and which was promulgated by slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who he referred to as “blogger”. Borg said that such an apology was also due from former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil, saying that “Busuttil tried to seize power through a lie”.

According to Borg, since the Egrant conclusions were not liked, the attack was diverted on other people.