Watch: Vaccine effective against all strains of COVID-19 – Fearne

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne confirmed that the vaccine developed against coronavirus is effective against all strains of the virus. Minister Fearne was replying to media questions during a visit at Mater Dei Hospital where he launched a new angiosuite.

Health Minister Fearne explained how different strains of coronavirus were analyzed and examined and results show that the vaccine is effective against all of these strains.

He further explained that it is common to have these different strains and that most of the flu symptoms we experience in general come from coronavirus however, the COVID-19, referred to as the novel coronavirus has never been experienced before.

On Monday, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that more than 1,000 cases of the new variant of coronavirus have been found in the UK. Hancock informed the House of Commons that the ‘new variant of COVID-19 has been predominantly found in the south of England and it is believed to be causing a fast spread.

He said that it was first identified last week in Kent during routine surveillance by Public Health England.

Deputy Prime Minister Fearne mentioned how on the 21st of December the authorisation by the European Health Authorities will authorise the vaccine and in the days to follow the European Member states are expected to endorse the approval. The first vaccines are expected to arrive on the 27th of December. The first batches will be small as test runs are required since the vaccine needs to be kept at a temperature of -70 degrees Celcius.

Again, Minister Fearne said that the first COVID-19 vaccinations in Malta may take place before the end of 2020.

Health Minister Chris Fearne again confirmed that the vaccine against coronavirus in Malta will be available to all residents in Malta and Gozo including migrants foreigners who reside in Malta. He again stated that the vaccine will be free.

Last week, during an interview on Minister Fearne explained how not all vaccines are the same and that they work differently from one another. He further explained that the choice of the vaccine will not make any difference except for people who have certain health conditions. For this reason, Minister Fearne said that ideally, one should consult his or her doctor for advice on the vaccine.

The first to get the vaccine;

  • The health workers, including those who work within the private sector including mental health facilities
  • Residents within the homes for the elderly, including employees with in the same facility
  • The elderly aged 85 and over
  • Police, Armed Forces of Malta and Civil Protection Department officials
  • The elderly aged 80 and over
  • Educators and all those who work within education institutions including childcare centres
  • People who suffer from chronic health conditions
  • The elderly aged 70 and over
  • People aged 55 and over
  • Then it will be offered to the rest of the population