Watch: “Teachers must trust their schools to protect them” – Gozo Bishop

Dun Anton Teuma
Miguela Xuereb

L-Isqof Anton Teuma b’messaġġ lill-għalliema u l-edukaturi li llum jidħlu lura għax-xogħol tagħhom fl-iskejjel tagħna fil-ftuħ ta’ sena akkademika differenti ħafna minn tas-soltu

Posted by Diocese of Gozo on Monday, September 28, 2020

Gozo’s Bishop Anton Teuma told teachers to trust that school administrations are doing their best to safeguard both teachers and students in relation to the ongoing pandemic.

He expressed his admiration for teachers and their courage in returning back to the workplace during such difficult times. The Bishop stated that it is difficult to not allow the mind to roam, knowing that one may bring home Covid-19 and infect their family members. However, he said that one must practice respect towards others, as well as practice faith and trust the institutions that are doing their best to safeguard both teachers and students.

The Bishop expressed this via social media, saying that he wished to have met teachers face to face, but the circumstances surrounding the pandemic have not allowed for this.

Teachers working in Governmental schools have just returned to the classroom, and students are incoming as of 7th October. Church schools will also open on the 7th of October. Some independent schools have opened their doors today.

On respect, the Bishop went on to say that teachers must ensure they are respecting each other, the administration, their students and their parents by following the guidelines issued by the health authorities. On faith, Mgr. Teuma said that this is necessary in order to trust that others are taking the pandemic seriously, and doing their part in ensuring that there is less spread.

He concluded by saying that the teacher’s vocation is only carried out as long as teachers are able to carry it out in practice. He then said that teachers will be in his prayers.