Watch: Tajani compares Malta and Slovakia to Hungary

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said that a more powerful European Parliament able to defend the rule of law is needed which would allow for the European Parliament to take action against Member States when needed.

Tajani was addressing the media in a meeting in Strasbourg for which was also present. The EP President mentioned specifically the assassinations of journalists Daphne Caruana Galizia and Jan Kuciak, saying that both were assassinated in EU states and asking whether these states would be respecting the rule of law. He reiterated that such incidents were unacceptable for the European community adding that the murders in Malta and Slovakia would not be forgotten. The President also said that “the mother and father of the killers” referring to those who ordered the assassinations need to be made known. He remarked that this was why the EP was at the front line defending democracy and citizens’ rights.

The EP President has described the allegations made by S&D as “completely fake news” about his non-vote on Victor Orban in order to protect him. Tajani saying that he respects his institutional role and that he never votes in order to respect his institutional role. Tajani said he did not vote and would never vote in order to represent the majority in the European Parliament. Replying on the various ideas within the EPP, Tajani said that obviously, members within the EPP thought something different on triggering Article 7 against Orban.

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli in comments she gave to Malta Today remarked that Tajani’s comments were made in order for him to justify himself and his friend [referring to Orban], adding that he attacked other countries including Malta. Dalli said that such comments were unacceptable given that his role. She accused Tajani of repeating the information he receives from Malta, adding she knew who were the sources on Malta. Dalli concluded by saying that she was not surprised.

Watch Tajani’s full reply here: