Watch: Taħt Ħarstek Nistkennu – Bormla to present an audiovisual spectacle

This year Cospicua (Bormla) is commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the national pilgrimage which took place between Birkirkara and Cospicua in 1944.

When the second world war broke out in Malta, for safety reasons the Cospicuans took the titular statue and painting to Birkirkara and they vowed that should no harm befall the church, they would bring the statue of the Immaculate Conception back home in pilgrimage.

The church withstood the aerial bombings and the Cospicuans kept their promise as the statue and the titular painting was brought back home to Cospicua in celebration on the 19th November 1944.

On the anniversary of this historic event, in the coming weeks, Cospicua will be presenting a grande spectacle in celebration of this monumental event under the title of ‘Taħt Harstek Nistkennu’ written by Gorg Peresso and directed by Joseph Galea and Charles Scerri.

This spectacle delivers the story of a city – Bormla; its origins, her people and that of the woman who stood by her people and whose name is synonymous with the city – Mary the Immaculate Conception.

This spectacle is a showcase of diverse forms of art ranging from theatre to dance to original music pieces by Mro Joe Brown, as well as synchronised fireworks and 3D projection mapping.

All of this will be amalgamated in a grand spectacle taking place in the very heart of Cospicua at Dock Number 1, along the waterfront, on the 22nd June at 9.15 pm.

Entrance is free.

More information may be found on the Facebook event page.