Watch: Students form ‘heart’ shape as Heartfelt Week came to an end

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

507 students at St. Aloysius Primary School formed a huge heart at the end end of this year’s Heartfelt Week.

Among the activities held in connection to the Heartfelt Week themed ‘Alive’, a student explained to that they visited San Anton where they handed out flowers and notes, as they explained what the Heartfelt Week was all about.

The Heartfelt Week was held during 6-13 May, and for which various activities were organised and students reached out to children, elderly, people who give service and refugees, among others.

The Head of St. Aloysius Primary School, Daniela Camilleri Sacco in a comment she gave to explained the idea behind the chosen theme. She described the activities held saying that the pupils participated in various activities held at the school and around Malta. The parents and guardians were invited to join the students for the School Community Celebration of Heartfelt Week on Monday. On the day students were asked to wear plain coloured shirts while younger students were asked to wear a plain red top.

Camilleri Sacco said that the parents and guardians of the students were encouraged to become organ donors. Describing the act as a ‘heroic gesture’, the students were told why it is important to become an organ donor.

‘I had donated a kidney to my wife; She died after 18 years and a half’

A retired retail manager, John Grima, who was present during the final event of Heartfelt Week recounted how his wife had two kidney failures and needed dialysis. He explained that he had managed to convince the doctors that he would be donating one of his kidneys to his late wife. The transplant happened two years later in 1998 and his wife lived 18 years and a half before passing away due to unrelated reasons.

Grima reiterated that organ donations can happen during one’s lifetime as well as after one’s death.

The activities on the day also included a short presentation of the students’ work throughout the week, students and staff formed a big heart while parents and guardians formed the words ‘Heartfelt Week’, the Transplant Support Group gave a short presentation and were available for all those who wanted to sign up, and finally the parents and guardians were invited to join in a dance.