Watch: San Andrea School students delighted by surprise visit from educators

San Andrea School teacher Tatiana Barbara says that one of her biggest life disappointments so far has been having to cut this year’s academic year so short.

“It wasn’t the same as going out for summer holidays. It felt totally wrong,” she told, “Throughout these four months, I kept in contact with my students every day; however, seeing them on video calls is simply not the same. I missed their cuddles, smiles, faces, everything about them really.”

Tatiana said that his year was a very challenging one for all of students, teachers and parents.

“However, together, we still managed to have a successful year. The children stepped up and took responsibility for themselves and developed new skills which they will benefit from throughout their lives,” she said.

The quote ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ never seemed so fitting. So, together with LSE Margaret Said, they concocted a plan to say goodbye to their students in style. Tatiana contacted the parents to arrange to meet the students at their respective homes, and then she planned out the whole day with Margaret.

Tatiana and Margaret had a nine-hour-journey ahead of them, which included getting lost a couple of times (at one point they even had to ask a police officer for directions), but it was so exciting and fun that Tatiana says that it was over in a blink of an eye.

“I thought they deserved a real-life send off,” she explained, ” The parents kept the secret and all the children were surprised and speechless. It was a very successful and unforgettable event; and for this I have to thank the parents for their ongoing support throughout the year and the school which always supports us in turning our ideas into reality”