Watch: ‘Stricter control of arms to reduce chances of war’ – President Vella

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Having stricter international controls on the trafficking and sales of weapons and ammunition is crucial to reduce the chances of conflict, President George Vella emphasized, during the Arraiolos meeting in Athens.

Speaking about security in the Mediterranean and the region’s political and geo-strategic issues, Vella called for stronger controls.

The theme chosen for the Arraiolos meeting was the fundamental principle of solidarity to strengthen the European Union as well as the promotion of the Union’s further integration.

Speaking at the meeting, Vella touched on migration, the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean and the importance of solidarity among ‘frontline’ countries such as Greece, Italy and Malta. He underlined that these countries on the bloc’s external borders should not be left alone.

Greek president Prokopis Pavlopoulos described Malta’s role as an exemplary one on the issue of migration and hailed the Malta declaration as the first step in the right direction.

President Vella emphasized European values of tolerance, equality and fundamental human rights, stressing that they should be the foundations of the work by the new European Commission.

The presidents of Malta, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia attended the convention of both executive and non-executive presidents of Member States where they discussed economic challenges, migrations and security.