Watch: “Strong possibility of not contracting meningitis if vaccine taken.”

A doctor who spoke to has said that there is the high possibility that those people who have taken the meningitis vaccine will never get it.

However, she stressed that it is possible to get meningitis even after the vaccine has been given; but the bodies of those taking the vaccine will be more resistant should bacterial meningitis attack. was speaking to Dr Tanya Melillo, who heads the Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Unit within Mater Dei Hospital, after a child of four years died from a type of meningitis known as Strep Pneumonia.

Dr Mellilo explained that there are many different kinds of meningitis, including 90 different types of Strep Pneumonia. The vaccine protects against 13 of these kinds of meningitis, which are the most common ones. Another two vaccines exist which protect against the strain known as Neisseria.

What are the symptoms of meningitis?

  • It starts off with a low fever or cough
  • Then you start getting worse; severe headaches that do not go away with pain relief
  • Inability to move your neck
  • Vomiting

 What should you do if you think you have meningitis?

According to Dr. Melillo, if you think you have meningitis:

  • Go to the doctor or health centres for them to do the necessary tests
  • If the doctor thinks you have meningitis, he or she will send you to hospital.