Watch: Speaker takes exception to Minister’s colloquial mishap

Environment Minister José Herrera the next in a list of people scolded in Parliament by the Speaker of the House, Anġlu Farrugia. This Minister’s behavior was called into question because he used the phrase ‘ABŻ’ during an intervention.

While both sides of Parliament  knew it was a slip of the tongue, in fact a number of MPs chuckled at the comment, the Minister then got up and repeated the same phrase. Here, Dr Farrugia here stepped in to point out the colloquialism, and the Minister replied he meant to say ‘ABC’.

Later on during the sitting, Minister Herrera said that what happened was a mere slip of the tongue, and that he was saying it jokingly. Meanwhile, PN MP Jason Azzopardi said that the Opposition can laugh off the Ministers comment, adding that the lawyers in the room all miss the time the Minister used to work in Court.