Watch: Spacetastic virtual Easter egg hunt to enjoy from home

What started off as a little bit of fun for Naomi McDonald’s two boys (aged six and eight) who desperately wanted their yearly Easter egg hunt with their friends has turned into Spacetastic – an online virtual egg hunt and quiz.

And now the McDonalds have made it available to the public on their STEAM website Gozo Spacelab.

“Our boys were getting into a bit of a flat spin about Easter,” says Naomi, “So we had a think and came up with ‘Spacetastic!’ a virtual egg hunt and quiz that everyone can play from the comfort and safety of their own homes. We have hidden 10 galactic eggs and Space Fact Boxes all over the Spacelab website. Follow the hunt with our quiz and see how many space facts you learnt along the way.”

All children – and, why not, their parents too – can access the egg hunt here – a great way to have some fun over the Easter holidays.