Watch: So you think you can bake?

Cake glass

UK-based artist/baker Ben Cullen, aka the BakeKing creates optical illusion cakes that are almost to good(looking) to eat!

Want to fool your friends into believing you’re on a diet? How about these apples, oranges and bananas, which are not what they seem to be?

FRUIT CAKES! Happy Fruity Friday!I’ll be putting out a video next week of how to make these Fruit- CAKES!All just using airbrushing with the best: Spectrum Flow

Posted by The BakeKing on Friday, August 24, 2018

In his videos, the BakeKing often shows his fans how he creates his edible works-of-art.

These pancakes look yummy enough on their own… but they hold an even more delicious secret.

How to make a Pancake CAKE

PANCAKE DAY!That time of year again to make the old classic…. Pancake-CAKE!Seriously this took 30 Minutes to make today, so here's a little 'How To…' if you wanna have a crack at making it tomorrow instead /or as well as Pannys..I went for a multi-coloured sponge but you can use any…Happy Pancake Day Players!Airbrushed with: Spectrum Flow

Posted by The BakeKing on Monday, February 12, 2018

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