Watch: Small acts of kindness needed during coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis says

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

While the world is facing a global pandemic brought about by the coronavirus, many are stuck at home either self-isolating or in quarantine, Pope Francis has urged the faithful to do small acts of kindness and love with those who are suffering, children and the elderly.

In a video message which was published ahead of the Holy Week, people appealed to the world to carry out small act of kindness. Pope Francis highlighted the challenges which the world is facing amid the coronavirus pandemic. He remarked that this video message will bring his message to the faithful around the world.

He spoke in particular about children and youths around the world, those who cannot leave their homes, those who cannot go to school and those whose lives have been suspended. He also addressed those who have a relative who is sick or who have lost their loved ones.

Pope Francis also remembered those who are experiencing loneliness and the elderly and those who are finding this particular time especially difficult. He urged the people to be generous with one and another and find creative ways by which we can express our love and support to one another. The Holy Father also urged the use of technology and social media to support those who are lonely during this pandemic.