Watch: Should Opposition Leader and PN Leader be different?

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Political commentators Ivan Bartolo and Peppi Azzopardi agreed that the Opposition Leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader should be served by two different individuals. Former PN MEP candidate Dione Borg however, said that he did not agree that the two roles should be separate.

Bartolo, Azzopardi and Borg were hosted during Newsbook Hour on 103 by Fr Joe Borg. During the show, they discussed the possibility of having two different individuals; one heading the Opposition and the other the party.

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia already voiced his concerns on the proposal during Xarabank on Friday. During the programme, Delia had said he could never tolerate those MPs who think that the Opposition Leader in the House could be different to the party leader.

Programme host Peppi Azzopardi said that while Delia was capable of leading the party, since many of the paid up members had voted for him, there should be a different person who aspires to become the next Prime Minister and who could reinstate credibility in Partit Nazzjonalista as a party in Parliament.

Journalist Dione Borg said that he had no doubt that Delia should reconsider his position. He explained that Delia could not ignore the surveys. However, this decision was up to Delia to take, Borg explained. He added that from Delia’s Xarabank interview it also transpired that the embattled PN leader sought to respect the vote by the paid up members by staying on as a leader.

He mentioned that five individuals have already resigned from the party showing that things were changing. PN Executive Committee President Mark Anthony Sammut, Political Coordinator Jean Pierre Debono, PN General Council President Kristy Debono, Deputy Leader for Party Affairs Robert Arrigo and Secretary General Clyde Puli have all resigned.

Following the electoral drubbing suffered at the May MEP and local council elections, Sammut had resigned as president urging those in leadership positions to follow suit and shoulder responsibility for the results obtained.

Ivan Bartolo who had fronted a campaign calling for a vote in the party’s General Council after the electoral drubbing the party suffered in the MEP and local council elections held last May, said that he agreed with having two individuals one serving as Opposition Leader and the other as party leader. He said that both roles are very important and require a different person to lead.