Watch: Senglea community keeps smiling through music video

A collaborative video, produced in Senglea during the Covid-19 pandemic, is a community project recorded in the historic city by residents in their homes from all walks of life.

The video is the brainchild of Michael Salone who, together with his partner, has made Senglea their home since 2014. He says that they absolutely love the people they have met there – kind, friendly, and always willing to help.

“I started to discover that we have lots of talented people in Senglea and thought with everyone staying home, it would be a great way to bring people together virtually,” Salone told, “One by one people joined the project and it was nice to have Maltese, foreigners and people from all walks of life participate without having to disobey the social distancing guidelines. It’s not perfect, but the song, ‘When You’re Smiling’ says it all.”

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