Watch: ‘Self-discipline helped me overcome my drug addiction’

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A man spoke about how he overcame his drug addiction, saying that self-discipline is key. In an interview on Newsbook Hour on 103fm, the man shared his experience on his road to recovery from drug addiction. The man stated that with an open mind and humility, he recovered from his addiction.

The man who preferred not to be identified, described his past addiction as “slavery”, explaining that one would not want to consume drugs, however, one develops a mental and physical addiction. “You would not know any better,” he remarked.

At 18 years old he tried heroin out of curiosity, saying that he wanted to know for himself what it felt like to abuse of the drug. The man added that what started as a curiosity for him, enslaved him and he suffered repercussions.

Maintaining one’s drug addiction comes at a cost, he explained. “One spends a lot of money to buy drugs, without setting any limits,” the man remarked. He would spend sometimes up to €1,000 to buy around 10 packets of heroin. Those who do not afford maintaining their habit, he explained, would sometimes buy cheaper drugs at €30.

“People start living for drugs, and take drugs to live,” he said, describing his past drug addiction.

Caritas Malta Communication Officer Marica Cassar said that she feels hurt when people develop a drug dependency while serving a jail term or while they are held in prison.