Watch: Sea slime is actually sea foam that forms naturally – FMAP

Alleged sea slime may, in fact, be naturally occurring seafoam which appears at this time of year, Federation of Maltese Aquaculture Producers has said.

The body said that alleged sightings of strange yellow-white material on the surface water around the Sliema coast, is, in fact, foam and not a slime originating from fish farms.

They explain that the foam appears during the first rains as the Summer comes to an end.

The Federation’s comments come in light of sightings of what was first thought to be sea slime which was initially linked to fish farm operations.

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Slime along Maltese coast not from fish farming; cleaning vessel picks up material – ERA

More slime; ERA invites public to report

The Environmental Resources Authority last week stated that the material had not come from this industry and explained that a vessel is used to clean the water surrounding the farms, as well as their own inspections of the farms.

‘All feeding procedures are being undertaken in order to reduce fat-laden thaw water from bait fish, from reaching the sea. Any fish remnants resulting during the feeding process is collected by cleaning vessel that patrol the perimeter of the fish farms,’ ERA explained.

The body had also asked the public to help them in identifying sightings of the material.