Watch: Screen Malta to create new methods for financing local productions

Screen Malta – which has been introduced through the Malta Film Commission, together with the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection – will be offering an opportunity to the local film industry to continue to grow.

This fund is expected to take into account projects that can strengthen various economic aspects, while providing direct aid locally in this indigenous industry, with the aim of advancing the investment of local producers towards this national project.

This is an initiative that, for the first time, will be open to both film and television productions, including dramas and documentaries, among others.

Screen Malta will take into account the element of creativity, culture, economic aspect and development of skills in audiovisual productions, with the aim of supporting and fostering employment in this field.

The Malta Film Commission will be monitoring the delivery of these productions on a commercial level, particularly in terms of distribution, both locally and internationally, for theatrical purposes, festivals and television broadcasts.

Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli emphasised the importance of investing in Maltese talent and skills and explained how this new initiative with an investment of €600,000 per year is expected to open the doors to a number of local producers to continue to grow and advance not only locally, but also internationally.

Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech said that, through the Screen Malta scheme, the Film Commission will continue to invest in local industry and help Maltese producers to grow and grow in their productions. Grech stressed that, as for the first time this scheme will help productions so that they can be financed 100 percent, local productions will have a better basis to succeed in this industry.

Applications are open until the end of September 2020 and can be accessed here.