Watch: Safety measures to follow during public Masses

As from Saturday June 13, masses will start being celebrated again with the public present. Yet due to COVID-19, following discussions with the Health authorities the Church in Malta is suggested a set of measures which change the usual practices.

The Communication Office of the Church in Malta published a short video explaining the new health and safety measures which be in place as from this Saturday.

  • Persons with influenza symptoms or with a temperature higher than 37.2 oC will not be allowed to enter
  • Seating places will be limited according to the size of the Church. Ushers and signs will help those present to orient themselves. Those living together will be allowed to sit next to each other
  • Physical contact should be avoided. Lectors (those reading the Word of God) will be provided with copies of the Readings in order to avoid transmission of the virus, and the Sign of peace will not be through physical contact
  • Communion will be received differently from usual. Rather than forming a procession, members of the congregation will be asked to remain in their seats. It will be a priest who will go round the Church.
  • Those who prefer using a mask rather than a visor are being asked to keep it on their face until Communion and to remove it only to commune themselves. It is, however, being suggested that a visor is used since it is not necessary to remove it at any stage.

It is customary that after mass, people gather chatting or talking with others. Such a practice is being discouraged.

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