Watch: Safe social space for youths in Valletta to be restored

Ċentru Santu Rokku in Valletta, which houses a youth centre, will be restored and upgraded through an investment by the Planning Authority, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia announced. 

The restoration is being fully-funded by the Development Planning Fund with a total investment of €347,000.

During a visit to the ongoing works with PA officials, the Minister said that the centre is important as it provides social, spiritual, and educational guidance to youths living in Valletta and the surrounding areas. 

Photo credit: MECP

Farrugia explained that the property is currently under much needed intense restoration works, and that once restored, will provide the city’s young people with a safe social space providing the necessary skills and mentoring to cope with life’s pressures.

He added that this Church property, apart from providing a service to the community, also holds great historical worth which needs to be conserved. 

Teen Klabb was launched by the Tabgħa Foundation, with the aim of creating a safe social space, preventive care, and academic assistance to teens. 

The minister praised the volunteers who assist the youths with their homework and schoolwork, while empowering them with social and life skills. Additional activities for the teens are also held, such as movie evenings, outings, crafts and cooking sessions and live-ins. The volunteers also try and impart useful life skills and spiritual values. At Teen Klabb, teens interact with each other while being monitored by helpers such as teachers, counsellors, and social youth workers.

Development Planning Fund Committee Chairperson Vincent Cassar said, “This prestigious building previously lay in a fairly dilapidated state. Through the PA’s funding intervention we have supported a good example of through conservation where not only are we renovating and safeguarding a building with many architectural features but we are also giving the building a new lease of life as it will be providing a service to the community.”