Watch: Royal Opera House comes to life again in simulation

Matthew Pace says that he remembers seeing the ruins of the Royal Opera House every time he walked into Valletta with his grandparents and wondering what this building must have looked like when it still stood at the entrance of the city.

Pace needed something he was doing to relax while working on his Phd thesis in Glasgow. He decided to use the Far Cry 5 Arcade editor, as well as whatever photos and floor plans he could find, to recreate this iconic building with access to some 10,000 objects from six different Ubisoft games, managing to recreate the experience of visiting the opera house sometime between 1925 and 1935.

The result is a visually-stunning recreation of the Royal Opera House – inside as well as outside – which is sure to bring out nostalgic feelings and the wish that we could have seen this magnificent building in all its glory ourselves.