Watch: Robert Abela will give free medicine to the elderly

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Robert Abela has just launched his campaign in attempt to win the leadership race and become Labour Party leader in January and following that Prime Minister of Malta. Among his promises, he insisted on free medicine for the elderly.

Abela announced his candidacy following Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s announcement of resignation. Abela will be going head to head with Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne for the leadership role.

In his campaign launch speech last night, a speech for which the media was not invited, Abela committed himself to revolutionising society basing it on an economy that will strengthen the labour government.

Among the different areas he’d tackle if elected as Prime Minister, he mentioned:

  • The setting up of an entity that will receive calls of interest for the sale of abandoned private properties. This entity will prioritise the older and more abandoned houses.
  • Free medicine for the elderly.
  • Employers will not be allowed to bring foreign workers to Malta unless both the foreigners and the Maltese receive the same wage. He insisted that he will work on increase in wages and ensure that there are appropriate wages for the respective jobs.
  • Foreign employees will be requested to be registered as employed and receive their full salary through a bank.
  • He promised the planting of trees wherever possible to do is in the coming five years.

He concluded by saying that these proposals of his will only be possible if the economy keeps improving and working in such a “vibrant” manner. Despite that, Abela said that the crux of it all will be found through a united Labour Party and a united country.