Watch: Results of Gozo air ambulance inquiry imminent

Minister for Health Chris Fearne said he is waiting for the results of the Gozo air ambulance inquiry which will be led by Magistrate Joe Cacciattolo to be issued within the next couple of weeks.

The Minister said Chief Executive of the Gozo General Hospital Joseph Fenech had given him his explanations but that the inquiry will still be carried out to ensure that the truth is uncovered.

Last week, Nationalist MP Chris Said took to social media to state that a critically-ill patient was admitted to Gozo General Hospital in the morning but was not flown over to Mater Dei Hospital before 4.30pm because the helicopter was not functioning properly.

Fearne said that the Chief Executive spoke with him on the same day of the incident but that he had nothing to do with the photos related to the case that Fenech took down from Facebook.