Watch: “Result reflects contact with public” – Dalli

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Labour candidate for European Parliamentary Elections Miriam Dalli stressed that such a result reflects the party’s (and her own’s) direct contact with the public.

She was talking to at the counting hall, as the hour draws nearer for the final results. Earlier, sources uncovered that the Labour Party (PL) has  won four seats in the European Parliament, while the Nationalist Party (PN) has been left with two. Dalli is being named as the candidate who got the most votes.

PL to get its fourth seat in EP; Casa to be elected

To, Dalli said that the past five years, the PL has placed an emphasis on being in contact with the public, which is the reason for such a result. She went on to say that the most important thing is to remember that a candidature is not a privilege but something that comes as a result of citizens who believe that they will be represented best by said candidate.

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