Watch: Residents address protest, as hundreds march against ‘developers’ dictatorship’

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Gwardamanġa resident Caroline Micallef told the activists gathered that eight weeks have passed since the building where they used to live has collapsed, however the residents have been kept in the dark. Other residents described how their lives have changed overnight, despite being provided with a temporary place where to reside.

NGO Moviment Graffitti organised a protest following the collapse of yet another building next to a construction site, and in which activists protested against the way they have been treated by developers’ lobby and “their dictatorship”. The protest which started from St Luke’s Hospital ended in front of the offices of Developers’ Association on Tuesday afternoon, with hundreds turning up to voice their anger.

Miguela Xuereb

Micallef stated that she has absolutely no possessions left, except of pajamas and a pair of trainers. Visibly emotional the resident said that the other four families and her want an answer. Other residents who lost their houses in the recent building collapse also addressed the activists and those marching in solidarity. They spoke of the trauma and their fight for justice.

Andre Callus from Moviment Graffitti told that it is encouraging to see so many people turn up for the protest. He said that the increase in participation clearly shows that people have had enough. Callus further added that if people could organise themselves then things can change.