Watch: Repubblika files application requesting Panama Papers inquiry

Non-governmental organisation Repubblika filed a court application demanding an inquiry into the Panama Papers, on Friday.

In a statement the NGO said that it listed several legal provisions which they were alleging that were breached by the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and Minister Konrad Mizzi.

The NGO explained that the information on which they based their application is available in the public domain, saying that it was first slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia who started writing about what later became known as the Panama Papers, as well as the reports which were drawn up by the Financial and Intelligence Analysis Unit, and the revelations as a result of the investigations by the Daphne Project.

The civil society organisation referred to Busuttil’s application earlier on, saying that the former Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil “is wearing the mantle” that belonged to Maltese citizens and is making sure that everyone is treated equally before the law.

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Repubblika in their statement said that in the case of the Panama Papers, the police, the Attorney General, the FIAU and the judiciary had failed. Former Opposition leader Busuttil had already filed a similar application in front of the court, which was first approved and later changed when it was appealed.

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Repubblika insisted on the full application of Maltese law, which includes European anti-money laundering directives which among other things oblige the State to provide a remedy when these directives are breached. The NGO warned that if their application was not accepted, the State will be denying them the last possible remedy, thereby breaching European law applicable in Malta, the group said.

The civil society organisation said that it was committed to promoting good governance, the protection of the rule of law and the fight against corruption. They concluded their statement saluting Caruana Galizia saying that it was their duty to ensure that her fight against corruption and fighting for the rule of law does not die with her.