Watch: “Inspections are needed” – regarding horse carriages

It-tradizzjonijiet ngħożżuhom mhux narmuhom, iżda mhux a skapitu tad-dritt tal-annimal. Żort operatur tal-karozzini u missejt b'idejja l-imħabba u l-kura li jgħati liż-żwiemel tiegħu. Neħtieġu regoli u spezzjonijiet regolari biex jiġu kkoreġuti dawk il-ftit li magħhom jeħlu l-karozzini kollha.

Posted by Peter Agius on Saturday, August 11, 2018

Peter Agius, speech writer for Antonio Tajani, European Parliament President, said that horse carriage owners should be regularly inspected, rather than have a couple make a bad name for the rest.

Agius said this on Facebook today, the day of a public demonstration against horse carriages.  He said that traditions should be respected, as long as it is not in lieu of animal rights. He went on to say that he visited a horse carriage owner and saw with his own eyes the love and care given to his horses.

He also said that if horse carriage rides stop, far more horses will be slaughtered.

For all those that think karrozzini horses spend all their lives slaving away in the sun, this is what they spend the…

Posted by RMJ's Horse Rescue on Friday, August 10, 2018

A spokesperson for Animal Liberation Malta said that it doesn’t make sense that should horse carriages stop operating, horses would be slaughtered. He said that these will end up in the hands of people who truly wish to care for them.