Watch: Refalo would be in my Cabinet – Fearne

    Former Minister Anton Refalo is expected to return to the Cabinet if Chris Fearne wins the internal election and becomes PL leader and Prime Minister.

    This was announced by Fearne himself in an activity held in Rabat Gozo Thursday evening.

    He said that Refalo “has talents that we should make better use of”.

    This might mean that Anton Refalo or else Justyne Caruana will be given a Ministry or a Parliamentary Secretariat in Malta.

    Refalo served as a Minister for Gozo between the years 2013 and 2017 when the PM Joseph Muscat chose Justyne Caruana to serve as Minister for Gozo.

    In the same activity, Fearne praised Clint Camilleri’s work and claimed that Camilleri represents the future of the Labour Party in Gozo.