Watch: Reading for elderly; St Patrick’s students read for those who are alone

Students at St Patrick’s Salesian School Sliema have been asked to read a story and dedicate it to elderly people who are alone.

Coronavirus pandemic has reached Malta with 30 people testing positive to the virus. Two individuals have already recovered. Since 13 March, the government announced that mandatory quarantine of 14 days has been extended to all those who return to the islands.

Schools have been closed down and, in a measure announced on Monday, bars and restaurants have also been closed down with a new legal notice. Only take-away and deliveries are allowed. Another Legal Notice has left only food stalls operating at the open air markets subject to a 20m distance between one stall and another.

While Malta is not under total lockdown yet, the elderly and those considered vulnerable have been asked to stay inside as much as possible. spoke to Fr Eric Cachia SDB, who is the Rector at St Patrick’s Salesian school, about the school’s initiative encouraging students to read.

Fr Cachia explained that students were asked to read a story which carries a moral or an ethical message. The activity was turned into a family event; the students have been directed to first read it to relatives or parents and then to film it. Students have been asked to then send the stories to the school.

Fr Cachia has already received two stories which have been uploaded to Facebook and which are being published on

In one of the videos uploaded so far Julian Bezzina, who is in year 7, reads The Golden Egg story, with the moral of the story being ‘think before you act’. In the second video Iven Paul Dimech, who is also in year 7, reads The Miser and His Gold – with the moral of the story being ‘a possession is just as worthy for what it is used for’.